Budapest Conference
Name: IGU Mini-Conference
Theme: Rethinking Economic Geography in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revoluation: Manufacturing, Entrepreneurship, Employment and Industry 4.0
Date: October 2-4, 2019

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Call for Papers (PDF)

Innsbruck Austria Conference
Name: IGU Mini-Conference
Theme: Rural-Urban Linkages for Sustainable Development:  An Economic Geography Perspective
Date: July 19-21, 2018

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Call for papers (PDF)


New Haven Conference
Name: 2017 Mini-Conference
Theme: Coastal Transitions
Date: March 30 th to April 2 nd 2017
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New Zealand Conference
Name: 2016 Mini-Conference
Theme:  New Resource Geographies
Local Organizier: Prof. Michael Roche, School of People Evironment and Planning, Massey University, New Zealand
Date: 22-24 November 2016

Beijing Conference
Name: 33rdInternational Geographical Congress
Theme: Shaping our Harmonious Worlds
Venue: http://www.cnccchina.com/en/, China National Cenvention Center (CNCC), Beijing, China
Date: 21-25 August 2016
Program (PDF)
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Ankara Conference
Name: 2015 Mini-Conference
Theme: Local and Regional Devlopment in Emerging Economic Geographies
Local Organizier: Dr. Nuri Yavan, Ankara University, Department of Geography, Turkey
Date: 22-24 October 2015
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Oxford Conference
Name: Fourth Global Conference on Economic Geography 2015
Theme: Mapping Economies in Transformation
Date: 19-23 August, University of Oxford



Kraków Conference
Name: IGU 2014 Regional-Conference
Theme: Changes, Challenges, Responsibility
Venue: Jagiellonian University, University of Kraków
Date: 18th-22nd August

Conference Program (PDF)

Amsterdam Conference
Name: 2014 Mini-Conference
Theme: Globilisation & New Patterns of Services Sector Driven Growth
Venue: Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam
Date: 19th-20th June

Call for Papers (PDF)


Kyoto Conference
Name: IGU 2013 Regional Conference
Theme: Special Session on Management Geography
Venue: Kyoto, Japan
Date: 4th-9th August

Website: http://oguchaylab.csis.u-tokyo.ac.jp/IGU2013/
Session Proposal: http://oguchaylab.csis.u-tokyo.ac.jp/IGU2013/session_proposals.html#c12.08

Berlin Conference
Name: 2013 Mini-Conference
Theme: Dynamics in Food and Agriculture based Supply Chains
Venue: Berlin, Germany
Date: 11th – 13th July

Call for Papers (PDF)
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Leeds Conference
Name: 2013 Residential Conference
Theme: Applied GIS and Spatial Modelling
Venue: Leeds, England
Date: 29th May – 02th June

Call for Papers & Programme Information


Kraków Conference
Name: 2012 Mini-Conference
Theme: Innovation & Creativity in Emerging Economic Spaces:
Local Entrepreneurship & Transnational Corporations
Venue: Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland
Date: 3rd-5th May

Call for Papers (PDF) – Deadline for submissions is Feb. 28, 2012

Commission Conference Scholarship Awards: Young Scholars -OR- Students
Download the desired form (Word documents); directions for completion
& submission are at the bottom of the form.

Website: http://www.igu-innovation.confer.uj.edu.pl/
Programme: PDF

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Seoul Conference
Name: 2011 Third Global Conference on Economic Geography
Theme: Recession, Resilience, and Recovery
Venue: Seoul, Korea
Date: 28 June – 1 July

Call for Papers (PDF)

Website: http://www.space-economy.org/conference/index.html

Vechta Conference
Name: 2011 Mini-conference
Theme: Globalizing Rural Places
Venue: University of Vechta, Germany
Date: 19-21 May

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Call for Papers (PDF)
Directions to the Vechta Campus (PDF)
Map of the Vechta Campus showing conference location (PDF)
Note: there are two options to get from Bremen to Vechta: by train (about 30 Euro) or by taxi (about 90 Euro).

Programme: PDF
Website: TBA


Toledo Conference
Name: 2010 Mini-conference
Theme: Local Food Systems and Old Industrial Regions
Venue: Toledo Hilton
Date: 3-7 August

Website: http://uac.utoledo.edu/igu_commission/ToledoMC2010-Home.htm

Groningen Conference
Name: 2010 Mini-conference
Theme: Wellbeing, Innovation and Spatial Transformation
Venue: Groningen, Netherlands
Date: 1-3 July

Cologne Conference
Name: 2010 Mini-conference
Theme: Industrial Transition – New Patterns of Production, Work, and Innovativeness in Global-Local Spaces
Venue: Schloss Wahn Castle
Date: 20-22 May

Website: http://www.wiso.uni-koeln.de/wigeo/


Perth Conference
Name: 2009 Residential Conference
Theme: The Dynamics of Local Economic Growth
Venue: University of Western Australia
Date: 13-17 July

Preliminary Programme: TBA
Website: http://www.ird.uwa.edu.au/iguconference_july2009

Older Conferences

Barcelona Conference

Name: 2008 Residential Conference
Theme: Worlds of New Work? Multi-scalar Dynamics of New Economy Spaces
Venue: Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Date: 5-8 August

Preliminary Programme: PDF (207kb)
Website: 2008 Barcelona Conference

Oslo Conference

Name: 2008 Mini-conference
Theme: Theoretical Approaches in Labour Geographies
Venue: University of Oslo
Date: 14-15 May

Call for Papers: PDF (62kb)
Website: 2008 Oslo Conference
Report: 2008 Oslo Conference Report

Beijing Conference

Name and Theme: Second Global Conference on Economic Geography, 2007
Venue: Beijing
Date: 25-28 June

Programme: PDF (30kb)
Website: 2007 Beijing Conference

Auckland Conference

Name: 2006 Residential Conference
Theme: Globalising worlds: Geographical perspectives on old and new value chains, commodity chains and supply chains
Venue: University of Auckland
Date: June 27-1 July

Programme: PDF (35kb)

Toledo Conference

Name: 2005 Residential Conference
Theme: Enterprising Worlds: Entrepreneurship and Ethics for Sustainable Futures
Venue: Hilton Hotel, Toledo
Date: August 2-6

Programme: PDF (74kb)

Birmingham Conference

Name: 2004 Annual Residential Conference
Theme: Service Worlds: Employment, Organisations
Venue: Technologies University of Birmingham
Date: August 9-13

Programme: PDF (30kb)

Vancouver Conference

Name: 2003 Annual Residential Conference
Theme: New Economic Spaces, New Economic Geographies
Venue: Coast Plaza Hotel, Vancouver BC
Date: August 11-15

Programme: PDF (18kb)

Incheon Conference

Name: 2003 Special Symposium
Theme: E-Commerce, E-Business and the Dynamics of Economic Development
Venue: Songdo Beach Hotel, Incheon, South Korea
Date: March 26-28

Programme: PDF (69kb)