Note: the publications below with links as their titles are part of the Dynamics of Economic Space Book Series  series published by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.

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Year 2012

  • Monserrat Pallares-Barbera, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain, Pere Suau-Sanchez, Cranfield University, UK, Richard Le Heron, The University of Auckland, New Zealand, Martina Fromhold-Eisebith, RWTH Aachen University, Germany. Globalising Economic Spaces, Uneven Development and regional Challenges, Urbani izziv, volume 23, supplement 2, July 2012

Year 2010

  • Ann Cecilie Bergene, Work Research Institute, Norway, Sylvi B. Endresen, University of Oslo, Norway and Hege Merete Knutsen, University of Oslo, Norway (eds), Missing Links in Labour Geography, Ashgate.

Year 2008

Year 2007

Peter Daniels and JW Harrington (eds) 2007, Services and economic development in the Asia-Pacific, Ashgate

Year 2006

Year 2005

Richard Le Heron and James W Harrington (eds), New Economic Spaces: New Economic Geographies, Ashgate. Contents: PDF (36kb)

Year 2004

  • Arnoud Lagendijk and Päivi Oinas (eds) 2004, Proximity, Distance and Diversity: Issues on Economic Interaction and Local Development, Aldershot: Ashgate. Contents: PDF (7kb)
  • Special Issue on “Local development: Issues of competition, collaboration, and territoriality”, Geografiska Annaler, Guest editors: Päivi Oinas & Bjørn Asheim. Contents: PDF (5kb)